Retooling for the Future Part 1

Retooling for the Future - Part 1
Artisans Alliance of Jawaja

We usually put the Symposium lectures up as podcasts. This one is a little different. We connected with the Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja through Skype because they were not permitted to visit Canada to give their presentation in person. The result is this series of videos from the event.

Here are some reference links about the group and the presentation:

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On the Road: Visiting Jawaja

In preparation for that event the Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja worked with Anitha Balachandran and Siddhartha Chatterjee and India's National Institute of Design (NID) to create a presentation that would help tell the story of Jawaja. You will see the presentation in the video, but we've also made it available here as a high-quality pdf file.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who made this presentation possible - The Artisan's Alliance of Jawaja, and the representatives who traveled to Ahmedabad, Ashoke Chatterjee for his tireless vision, everyone at the Ravi J Matthai Centre and the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), and the National Institute for Design (NID).

We had never attempted a Skype presentation before and had only limited experience with it. It is testament to the positive energy gathered around the group that we only lost the connection once for a very short time.