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The Maiwa School of Textiles has grown out of our desire to share ideas, techniques and culture. We believe that the need to create is universal. We seek to promote traditional techniques from around the world and to encourage local makers and craftspeople.

Maiwa supports traditional craft through an ethical business model. Working mainly with India, but also with several other areas, Maiwa is involved in the trade of embroidered, block-printed, handwoven, and naturally dyed textiles. A large portion of our success is due to our educational commitment; ensuring that the purchasing public knows how textiles are made - and who makes them. 

This philosophy has led to Maiwa actively promoting exceptional artisans on the world stage. In addition to its three physical stores, Maiwa promotes artisan work though exhibitions, symposia, podcasts, and an ambitious program of documentary video production. 

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The Maiwa Foundation was established in 1997 by Maiwa Handprints Ltd. It was registered as a private trust in 2001 to help fund practising and re-emerging artisans in the craft sector. The fund supports work that develops higher-level skills or sustains existing skills. Recent workshops include India (Nagaland, Assam, Kerala, Bengal), Morocco, and Ethiopia. 

Although Maiwa Handprints Ltd. and the Maiwa Foundation share similar views, they are separate organizations. The first is a commercial enterprise while the second is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and the relief of poverty.

Though some of the highest profile work done by the foundation has aided artisans in disastrous situations (the 2001 Kutch earthquake and the 2004 tsunami), the foundation is primarily concerned with aid to artisans on the village level and with the education and engagement of western audiences that represent their markets.

The Maiwa Foundation is a registered charity. We welcome donations.


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