The Poetics of Textiles — Tim McLaughlin

Like all great arts, textiles recreate our visiton of the world. We hold them up as exemplars of skill, ingenuity, creativity, and ambition. Textiles are poetic metaphors woven from ideas just as much as they are physical items woven from fibres.

For more than 15 years, Tim McLaughlin has been working to help tell the story of textiles — in video documentaries, publications, photos, exhibitions, and media. This work has been collaborative and far reaching. In many ways it can also be seen as an extension of Tim’s background in the arts and sciences and his personal projects.

Tim will draw in these projects, as well has his research, writing, and considerable experience with Maiwa to argue for textiles as carriers of meaning that are more important today than ever before.

Here are some links to some of the content mentioned in the lecture.

Charllotte Kwon’s Introduction

Tim McLaughlin’s website TMCL.CA where excerpts from his journals may be found

An early bit of experimental writing 25 ways to close a photograph.

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John Ruskin Stones of Venice

Mahatma Gandhi and John Ruskin’s Unto This Last

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Iris van Herpen feature in the New Yorker , and a video of the Syntopia collection.

Closing quote from Revisiting A Quiet Manifesto for the Preservation of Craft

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