Mo Kelman
Sep 10

Skins and Skeletons - 3D Textile Constructions

  • Maiwa Loft

In this experimental workshop students will learn methods for building skeletal structures with rigid and semi-rigid materials such as reed, rattan, bamboo, wood, and wire. The class will also explore the use of found materials and recycled frameworks. Methods will include formal and chaotic plaiting, wire and netting construction, and lashing techniques.

7:45 pm19:45

A Tenuous Balance: Sculptural Textiles

  • Net Loft Building

Mo Kelman’s work sits at the juncture of architecture and engineering: in a place where sculpture and textiles meet. Lashing together frameworks with wire and fibre, Mo creates skeletons that she covers with skins of handmade paper, shibori patterned cloth, or mesh.

6:00 pm18:00


  • Silk Weaving Studio

Mo Kelman’s works are both engineered and organic, as if she were laying bare the design principles for new forms of life. Architectural tensions resolve in new and remarkable forms, all built with a sensitivity to materials and textures.