Adam Khatri
7:45 pm19:45

The Art of Ajrakh

  • Net Loft Building

Join Jabbar Khatri and his son Adam Khatri as they explain what it is to practice a craft that goes back over ten generations. Jabbar’s father could sell his block prints in the local market, but Jabbar and Adam now deal with corporate clients and international exhibitions — new challenges in a fast-changing world.

7:30 pm19:30

Still in Print: Ajrakh Textiles

  • Maiwa East

Join us for an exhibition of ajrakh masterworks. Jabbar Khatri and his son Adam are members of the famous Khatri block-printing family, a family that can trace its artisan heritage back over nine generations. See the finest examples of printing and technique worked in natural dyes on cotton—double-sided ajrakh with expansive circular designs. The pieces are truly unique and cannot be seen anywhere else. 

7:00 pm19:00

Indigo Social

  • Maiwa East

For the past two years Sophena Kwon has been conducting her groundbreaking Indigo Socials. Combining shaped-resist techniques with the magic of an indigo vat, Sophena has turned a whole new audience on to the power of making.

For this special collaborative event, Sophena is joined by veteran dyers Jabbar and Adam Khatri. East meets West in this unique variation on the Indigo Social theme.