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  • Maiwa Loft #6-1666 Johnston Street Vancouver, BC, V6H 3S2 Canada (map)

With NaomiBelle Rozell

$195 [Includes $50 lab fee] Class limit 15. Nov 25, 26 (Sat, Sun) 10am-4pm.

Those who ponder the space-time continuum realize that one possibility (for an expanding universe) is that space-time is hyperbolic. Modeling hyperbolic geometry in three dimensions is surprisingly difficult—unless, that is, you know some simple crochet stitches.

These rippled, crenellated forms occur naturally in nature. Lettuce and kale leaves, marine organisms such as sea slugs, anemones, coral, and kelp as well as various forms of cactuses and succulents all exhibit hyperbolic geometry.  As it turns out, all that is needed to bring hyperbolic space into physical reality is a crochet hook and yarn.

In this workshop, students will learn how to create this geometric structure through the medium of crochet using the simplest of crochet stitches.  Further exploration will be possible once the basics are learned.  These shapes have their own singular beauty and students will be encouraged to make modifications and create new variations on the hyperbolic theme.  The possibilities seem to expand in all directions...exponentially!

This form of geometry lends itself well to fashion embellishments, accessories such as scarves, wrist warmers, and adaptations for jewellery. Despite the title, no higher-level math is needed in this course.

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NaomiBelle Rozell cannot recall a time when creativity was not part of her daily life. Although she works with many types of crafts, most of her days are taken up with knitting. You can find her most Saturdays in Maiwa’s Supply Store in the Net Loft on Granville Island.

She dedicates her work to her mother, who knitted her father’s dress socks for much of their married life. As Naomi writes, “Although I did not learn to knit from my mother, she is my inspiration for knitting. I well remember her putting aside her coffee cup and novel (yes, she read while she knitted) as she focused on ‘turning the heel.’ Onceit was complete, she propped up her book, poured a fresh cup, and resumed her knitting as she read and enjoyed her coffee.  I can still hear her needles softly clicking, creating stitch after stitch after stitch.”

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